Now spoon can not only mix, but it can also heat

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Now spoon can not only mix, but it can also heat

You can only make yourself a cup of hot tea or coffee and take out your drink, because you have to escape quickly (office workers and young mothers). As a result, all the fun, as they say, you can throw down your cold drink in the drain. In such cases, the concept of designer Burcu Bag, Vinay Raj Somashekar and Amalia Monica called Halo Heating Spoon is simply irreplaceable, because it makes sure that your tea is always hot.

In fact, those who have ever had to deal with the kettle, just guess how it works on the principle of Halo Heating Spoon. Instead of cord with plug, spoon has rigged pair of batteries. Also are included in the design color sensors that let you know when the spoon (and with it the contents of the cup) is getting higher. Handle is slowly changing his color from pale blue to bright pink. The owner of the miracle made it also when the drink is hot enough the spoon turns off.

Despite the fact that while this is only a concept, the designers have worked it to the last detail, starting with a nice appearance, and ending with the container in which it should be stored. So, wait …

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