Cool Teachers Whose Lessons You Don’t Want To Miss

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 Cool Teachers Whose Lessons You Don’t Want To Miss

School lessons are boring? Perhaps, but not in these cases, and not with these teachers. Because every lesson with them is something completely unusual and amazing!  

Biology class

Probably there is no better way to talk about the human body than this. Attention of little students guaranteed.

Chemistry lesson?

Chemistry has never been so promising. At least, this teacher approaches his lectures with all the enthusiasm. I think our chemistry teachers should take note and repeat the experience of their colleague. Perhaps fans of this subject after such lectures will be much more.

Smart cat

It looks like a cunning trick to attract animal lovers to a lecture … but one must admit that the idea is not bad, especially during stressful situations, for example, in test or examinations.

Right time to take a photo.

Sleep is very useful, doctors say. So why not take advantage of such a useful recovery function of the human body. That’s what this guy thought, falling asleep right during the lesson.

All tools are good!

A smart person will always find a good solution. No ruler on hand – no problem. You can use what you find in the classroom.

Gymnast deep in the soul

A sedentary lifestyle is harmful to health and you should try to warm up from time to time. And this teacher found a good way to stretch right during the lesson.

Instill a love of science since childhood.

When one of the students came to class with a child, this teacher made the kindest gesture, simply taking the child into his arms so that he would not interfere with the lesson.

History lesson

If history lessons had been held like this, we are absolutely sure that there would be much more lovers of this subject.

Teacher’s selfie

Trendy teacher makes selfies with his class. Well, well, universal love is almost guaranteed to her.

Physics lesson

Physics is an interesting subject, and physicists are quite often very interesting and funny people. Here is a clear proof of this statement.

Silence in class

How to get students to listen to you and behave quietly and calmly. Looks like this teacher found an effective way. And it is unlikely that someone will argue with her.

Fiery experience.

Frankly, it is not clear that something went wrong or everything is ok? In any case, the teacher keeps calm and doesn’t give reason to doubt the correctness of his experiment.

Sits well!

When there is no space left on the school board. However, we are not quite sure that the students are very attentive to what she is writing.

Nice look

What’s going on here? is the art of a hairdresser or is it something else? let’s hope that the lessons of this teacher are as spectacular and memorable as his appearance.

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